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Mod Bots

What is Modbots?

ModBots is a third-person arena rogue-like in which players play as robots fighting through randomized arena layouts against hordes of grunt robots and larger gladiators. As the players advance, they gain upgrades and weapons to enhance their abilities to fight and survive in the everchanging arena! Developed by and Published by EARTHBREAK GAMES LLC


Ethan Heil- Founder, Lead Networking, Systems Engineer

Henry Chronowski- Founder, Project Director, Tech Lead

Eddie Juarez- Founder, UI/UX, Sound Design, Character Modeling, Animation, Concept Art 
Alex Waters- Tech Lead, Systems Engineer, AI Programmer, Tools Programmer
Donovan Garcia-Buckler- Publishing Lead, Associate Producer

Grace Tuohey-Kay- Lead Producer, Marketing
Kinsey Bowensmith- Scrum Master
Gavin Chambers- Design Lead, Systems Designer, QA Lead
Ben Voter- Level Designer, Environment Artist, VFX Artist 
Crystal Wong- Art Lead, Concept Artist, Character Modeling, Weapon Modeling
Sophia White- Concept Artist, Character Modeling, Character Rigging, VFX Artist

Jack Tenda- Environment Artist 
Anders Lindburg- Character Rigging, Character Animation
Brielle Nestler- Concept Artist
Cal Godfrey- IT Contractor
Calvin White- UI/UX Designer


On the team, I was the Publishing Lead & Associate Producer, and I was tasked with the following roles during this project:​​

  • Building of Steam Page

  • Collaboration with Studio Leads

  • Create Promotional materials for Steam Page

  • Publishing Logistics

  • Research for Business Logistics 

Hours Spent

This game was completed with 1000+ hours

Steam Link

Here is the link to the game that you can play directly on Steam


This game project occurred remotely from May 16th, 2021 to Sep. 10th, 2021. 

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