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Project Gallery

Project Nautilus

Project Nautilus is a 3D action game where you work for the mysterious mega-corporation Isthmus. Currently being developed by Isthmus Studios.


ModBots is a third-person arena rogue-like where you fight through randomized arena layouts against hordes of grunt robots and larger gladiators. Created by EARTHBREAK GAMES LLC


Spritsong is a 3D musical adventure where you play as a conductor spirit, who is in search of new friends. Created by Pink Soul Crab Studios.  

Lenora Fedora

Lenora Fedora is a 3D stealth survival game where you play as Lenora as she tries to free hat people from the Tall One. Created by Allbrim Studios.  

Magnetic Composure Thumbnail
Magnetic Composure 

Magnetic Composure is a lighthearted word matching created by Over the Nose Studios. This game was created for the Boogie Woogie Game Jam.

Rhythm of Anxiety Title Screen
Rhythm of Anxiety​

Rhythm of Anxiety(RoA) is a rhythm game created by Team :3, and it was created for the purpose of teaching kids about panic anxiety disorder. 

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