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Project Nautilus


Donovan Garcia-Buckler- Lead Producer/ Publishing Lead

Alex Barnett- Producer/ Marketing Lead 

Nicholas AdamsProduct Owner/ Creative Director 

Wesley ElmerDesign Director/ Systems Designer

Daniel Wailek- Encounter Designer 

Crystal Wong- Art Director/ Character Artist

Matthew Conrad- Art Pipeline Manager/ Environment Artist

Blade OsbornAnimator

Emma Shea- Prop Artist

Amber Williamson- Environment Artist 

Nicholas Perrell- Technical Director/ AI Programmer

Brandon Boras- Git Main/ UI+Physics Programmer

Egor FesenkoProgrammer

Brandon L'AbbeProgrammer

Spencer Bohl- Programmer

Sean UzarQA Manager

Eric Harvey- Narrative Writer 
Josh Berkowsky- Narrative Writer

Aaron Pastor- Narrative Writer/ Narrative Designer

Hannah Paquette- Copy Editor

Alyssa Fabian- Sound Designer

Austin Burkett- Sound Designer

Brandon Skylar- Voice Actor

What is Project Nautilus?

Project Nautilus is a slow paced, exploration focused, 3D first person action game where the player takes the role of an underwater drone operator hired by the Isthmus Corporation to expand the company's autonomous underwater drone network. The player must remotely pilot a drone through a labyrinthian set of underwater caves, installing wireless signal extenders and eliminating any threat to those signal extenders. As the pilot dives deeper, slowly they begin to realize that these caves are far older and more alive than their employer is trying to convince them.


On the team, I one of the Lead Producers, and I was tasked with the following roles during this project:​

  • Backlog Refinement

  • Contractor Logistics 

  • Onboarding new members

  • Project Pipeline Maintenance

  • Publishing logistics 

  • Scrum Master

  • Team Meeting / Work Session Facilitation

Hours Spent

Phase 1: Was completed with 1,300 hours of work with 9 people
Phase 2: Was completed with 3,462 hours with a team of 22 people

Platform Links

Here is the links to Project Nautilus on and Steam


This game project started on August 30th, 2021 and has concluded May 6th, 2022.

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