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Work Experience

 Associate Project Manager, FXT

Insomniac Games

Jun. 2022- Present 

  • Worked in Jira to import data and track data for different teams

  • Collaborated across departments to address risks and prioritize next steps 

Publishing Lead

Jul. 2021- Jun. 2022

  • Worked with Steamworks guidelines to get project approved

  • Managed Steamworks account for Studio

  • Researched Business Solutions for LLC   

Associate Producer Intern

May 2021- Aug. 2021 

  • Lead producer for a team of nine creating a game demo using scrum 

  • Worked on internal studio events, helping to plan and grow the studio locally

  • Led community outreach events on behalf of the studio

Game Production Management Tutor

Mar. 2021- May 2022

  • Tutoring students in Agile/Scrum Methodologies

  • Tutoring students in Project Management software’s

  • Consultation on team communication and dynamics within the 


Oct. 2020- Feb. 2021 

  • Mentored Intern Students in Scrum methodologies

  • Collaborated using design thinking methodology 

  • Facilitated collaboration in a virtual space to deliver 
    presentations to clients

Student Ambassador/Mentor

Jan. 2019- May 2022

  • Engaged with prospective students and admitted students and 
    their families 

  • Provided tours to guests on Champlain Colleges campus

  • Mentor in the Mentor ship program “SAMS Club”

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