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What is Oh Rats ?

Oh Rats is a two-player turn-based casual strategy game where players must use
their rat population to expand their territory, and destroy the other colony of
rats. The artistic style of the game is a mix of rounded shapes and minimal line
art, and it lends itself well to the cute and casual nature of the game. Players are
charged with spending their rat population to build colonies or rat units that can
move around the hexagonal board. Having more rats means a player can spawn
more units to spawn more colonies and attack the opposing player's rat units
and colonies. Players must decide on how to spend their rats, as leaving yourself
with no rats leaves you without the ability to build more units or colonies. Players
can either be victorious through brute force or by careful thought out strategy.
The player that either takes the home colony or has the largest rat population at
the end of a set number of rounds is the winner!


Lead Producer- Donovan Garcia-Buckler

Lead Designer/ Product Owner- Sean Uzar 

Lead Character Artist- Anastasia Myer

Lead Environment Artist- Amber Williamson 

Systems Programmer- Dante Xystus 

UI/UX Programmer- Chelsey Sanford

Hours Spent

This game prototype was created with 130.55 Hours of development.

Itch.Io Link

Here is the link to the game that you can play directly on


On the team, I was the Lead Producer, and I was tasked with the following roles during this project:

  • Milestone Creation

  • Content Delivery and Presentation to Faculty Stakeholders

  • Task / Velocity Tracking

  • Backlog Refinement

  • Team Meeting / Work Session Facilitation

  • QA Planning / Proctor

  • Team Conflict Management 


This project started January 13th, 2020 and it concluded on February 5th, 2020.

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