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Rhythm of Anxiety

What is Rhythm of Anxiety ?

Rhythm Anxiety is an educational tool that educators and parents can use to teach children about panic anxiety disorder. The player will be tasked with keeping themselves calm as they match notes to the beat. As the day progresses the notes will become more erratic, but if the player misses the notes the notes will become even more erratic simulating the overwhelming nature of anxiety. As players match notes they are able to help calm down and the notes become slightly less erratic. If players are able to complete the song without having a panic attack which is induced from missing so many beats they win.


Lead Producer- Donovan Garcia-Buckler

Lead Designer/ Product Owner- Lynn Printon 

Lead Asset Artist- Brittany Ollendieck

Lead Environment Artist- Blade Osborn 

UI/UX Programmer- Chelsey Sanford

Gameplay Programmer- Olli Machina

Sound Designer- Olli Machina

Hours Spent

This game prototype was created with 198.50 Hours of development.

Itch.Io Link

Here is the link to the game that you can play directly on


On the team, I was the Lead Producer, and I was tasked with the following roles during this project:

  • Backlog Refinement

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Content Delivery and Presentation to Faculty Stakeholders

  • Milestone Creation

  • QA Planning / Analysis

  • Task / Velocity Tracking

  • Team Meeting / Work Session Facilitation


This project started on February 4th, 2020 to March 3rd, 2020. 

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